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Christine Snowdon Reiki and Spiritual Readings



You are learning the lesson of patience, and also the lesson of love and constancy. When you have to go through difficulties, hold fast to the law of good. Never mind what happens and if you are unable to see the reasons for suffering, keep the light burning in your breast, saying again and again: "God is my Father-Mother God is all good, God will bring me safely through".

Don't cling to material things or even to people - if they go, let them go. If they hurt and disappoint you, that is to teach you - to teach you, maybe, to find your true self. There is only one thing to fear and that is fear itself. Strive to overcome fear, fear of death, fear of life, fear of loss, fear of suffering. This is the goal to overcome all fear and to realize your son-daughtership with the Father-Mother God. White Eagle


Because of emotional stress and strain - overstraining the body. If you were always attuned to the great white light, there would be no sickness...

Holiness means healthfulness. So when you are conscious of the inhalation of God you are healing your body and soul and reviving your spirit... the holy breath brings to your consciousness harmony, the harmony of the spiritual spheres ...

White Eagle 


Even in winter the whole atmosphere is impregnated with tiny atoms of invisible sunlight and when you breathe deeply, consciously breathing in the sunlight of God, you grow in wellbeing; in loving kindness to all life; and also you will begin to become aware of the power of the invisible forces which you may contact. You must learn how to open yourself to the sunlight and how to purify your body so that you may contact the angelic influences...White Eagle

Channelled thru Christine:

Those who follow your words inspired by spirit receive extra blessings now and into their futures. Many thousands of Angels gather to inspire the souls of earth gatherers of light and love now.

Teachers come and go and I, White Eagle know the struggles within and without and possibilities are boundless due to the hard work of lightworkers who work tirelessly to ensure their messages hit their target in the hearts and minds of others.

Wars ensue but the truth and wisdom still reaches the spiritual heart of the good, for the good of all. Know we work with you for this good to inspire your work. Keep on Keeping on the paths will appear...

Blessings White Eagle ~ your true friend in spirit


"All the people who follow the teaching of White Eagle are succombing to the Christ knowledge that is to say living their lives according to that gentle nature instilled in them from God and born again in man. This embodiment of love encompasses all understanding of the universe once the path of truth has been taken up. In 2011 there will be more turmoil, upheaval, moving of continents and their peoples, along with these changes will see spirited followers reaching out to teach non followers that all human form has a deep rooted connection with God and the universe which needs and is crying out for recognition at this time and in this space. I have come to you at this time to help broadcast this message in any way you can. The small seed that is implanted here and now will spread for the rising up of spirit and light of Planet Earth. With this awareness will come greater knowledge of a more co-operative nation upon nation effect. The time is here, the moment is now to help men, women and children on a global scale to see the need for change in the structure of how 'things are run'. Governments are realizing that changes are needed at root level to top level. Getting back to the reason behind all this necessary change, it is because the Love, Light and Joy experienced is missing in the world today. So to bring about the change needed we in spirit are attempting to teach you light workers how. Seek out the small pleasures, walk in nature, learn where you are from and share any surplus with your fellow man. What simple ways to work from but virtues that are never adopted by many. One last thing, give praise to your creator, be sincere, trust, have faith, and all the struggles of your life will ease, seek, Love as your first move followed by Truth.Blessings - your spiritual teacher - White Eagle


The question was once asked: 'When you go into the spirit world can you see all your lives, so that you know how far you have progressed?'

White Eagle replied: 'We must be very careful. When you get to the spirit world you go through a school. You enter the kindergarten, and then you rise up through the planes. As you rise up you shed a little of your earthiness, just as the physical body formerly fell away. You rise in spiritual understanding until you are shown the whole picture. You see yourself as you really are. "Now we see through a glass darkly, but then face to face." In other words, the soul looks upon the glory of God and sees itself in comparison. It knows then there is only one thing it wants and that is to be able to get nearer to God and to be purified and perfected, to become man made perfect in the image of God, even as Christ who is the Son of God. When the soul has reached that stage there are guides, teachers and helpers ready.

"You require to learn certain lessons, my brother," the voice says. "This life will bring you into contact with this or that soul, with whom you have contracted a karmic debt." There are alternative paths shown also. The soul can choose which path it takes. There are many, many opportunities that the soul has of working out its salvation. you find it difficult to believe that your troubles, as you call them, are of your own making? Your nose is too close to the picture. The pattern of your life you have made yourself, by your past actions and because of your spiritual aspiration. So you get two pulls - that of your past karma which is what one might call the negative and also of your spiritual aspiration, that pull of your soul to God. But over all these conditions, love is the ruler. We hope this has answered your question.' White Eagle


Welcome to a year of adventure and much upliftment. I, White Eagle have come to you to deliver my New Year’s Message of hope, yes hope for all on Planet Earth. I bring inspiration to All through your lightworkers who have toiled through 2012. I bring joy, peace, love and hope to you. Changes will occur on a planetary level undetected by most but those amongst you with higher knowledge on this matter are aware to such occurrences. Jupiter is bringing alignments into a quicker realm of activity. Not being technical now – how does this affect the individuals? Two fold. Firstly globally higher sea levels and the movements of the mass of earth shifting tetatonic plates causing devastation. This has and will be followed by the cleansing etheric and the physical as the low lying lands create necessary upheavals of homes and lives affected in this generation – though not obvious this is ultimately for the good of all. On a basic level, after the storm comes the calm, the recollection of what was and where to go from that standpoint. Moving forward for some will be hard but necessary. Families shattered will pick up the pieces and love borne in their hearts once more. At governing levels those in charge of running countries have an awakening to come, this is a must as not enough has been achieved by them since the 80’s, 90’s through to 2012 to economic and re-structuring of balancing powers to best profit the poorest amongst you or to benefit the workers. But doom and gloom of no hope is past, there will be hidden doors opening now. There will be opportunities for healthier, greener industries to grow and prosper, even to the lowest earner, gains will transpire. Mistakes made in the past will be overcome. By 2014 huge strides will have taken place on a global scale for the health and love in the hearts of mankind to return. We in spirit are guiding the achievers amongst you from the so called top to the so called bottom of society. Love will conquer all and bring justice back into the world. No it will not happen overnight but it will come to pass. Believe and have faith that goodness and fairness will replace money and materialism where it has been wrongly held up in high esteem. Judge not your brother/sister, as you all play your own part in bringing about the Golden Age. Support each other in the true meaning of the world and we in spirit will not fail you. Keep on keeping on…  

White Eagle  

“A simple prayer to God and the angels asking for more love and happiness in your life will be heard. As your life changes so too will the lives of those around you for the good of all.” Christine Snowdon 


“This year will bring an even greater realization to an even greater amount of people worldwide. As this awareness of their spiritual energies awakens there will come with it more caring and knowledge from the higher realms.

Trust and know that in Earth’s reality and timeline exists an Akashic record of all that has been. It is encrusted in crystalline form deep beneath the Earth’s crust. Where and why it is there has been revealed to those who follow spiritual and universal releases of knowledge."

"Causal effects of the earthly cleansing are becoming widespread knowledge as natural disasters occur on an almost daily basis. Change and transformation will increase that is forecast from the spiritual and angelic realms of energy.

Even though many pass to spirit as chosen by them, yes a truth and fact. More of the humans remaining *on your planet will turn to their spiritual counterparts for answers and change within themselves. Responses will be activated from the higher realms. There will be more truths of the hierarchy of nations that persist in their violence and controlling of others who they consider to be beneath them."

"In truth all are equal and Love Is All as is Love of one to another as these positive attributes are brought to the fore they will bring More Love, Light, Peace, Enjoyment and Truth to all mankind in hearts and minds on a soul level. This is hard for the planet en masse to accept. By creating your own futures and manifesting them into reality will be the only way for an individual to move forward from the basis of this Love and respect for one another."

"In truth all are equal and Love Is All as is Love of one to another as these positive attributes are brought to the fore they will bring More Love, Light, Peace, Enjoyment and Truth to all mankind in hearts and minds on a soul level. This is hard for the planet en masse to accept. By creating your own futures and manifesting them into reality will be the only way for an individual to move forward from the basis of this Love and respect for one another."

"Institutions are breaking down and will continue to break down as the need to reform from the base and up again will occur. I say again as it will need to be repeated again and again throughout the entire world as you know it to bring transformation within organisations, governments and corporate companies. This will in turn remove the greed that has been at the forefront of the institutions in the past."

Lessons will be learned to achieve a better world."

"Love Has Won" is the mantra for 2016 and Beyond!

Blessings to All

Archangel Michael and God Source Energy”





"Dear Lord please send healing to (name) so that she/he is made well as the loving healing hand of pure divine light of your spirit healers surrounds (name). May he/she receive the powerful rays of pure divine light into his/her body so that every cells is renewed.

Thankyou - Archangels Michael, Raphael and God Source Energies" I am grateful

On Saturday 15th August 2015 while I was in the middle of drying my hair something drew my attention and I glanced to my left. I turned the hairdryer off and stared at a spot that was only 2ft away from me. There on the floor was a glowing Sky Blue Orb, I'd guess around 1ft across the centre. I stared in amazement and wonder until it disappeared about five or six seconds later it was then that I received a very short personal message from Archangel Michael that I would like to share with my readers it was about forgiveness, love and the importance of moving on in our lives. It was enough to uplift me for the rest of the day and made me realize how short our time is on earth and that it is so very important for us to forgive those we have hurt or who have hurt us in some important that the Archangel Michael took his space and time to visit me in a way that would touch my life forever...I am so very grateful for all the proof that special signs I have received from the world of spirit X Christine