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Christine Snowdon Reiki and Spiritual Readings


Published Today 29.1.21 Available now from Amazon 

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Christine details in this book the inspirational conversations she had with Cosmic Beings: The Arcturians, Arcadians, Ashtar and Galaxy Collectives, on the 42nd dimension levels of the universe that have never been published anywhere before now!

Christine is open to influences from the angelic and spiritual realms, whether she is writing, meditating, practising angelic reiki or simply going about her daily business when spirits often make contact in human form.

Inside this book: Christine holds Interviews with Celebrities in Spirit.

She was told by St Germain that: "Nature's impurities continue to cloud human souls and physical bodies" but "Power shifting will bring satisfaction in individuals on a soul level, as the highest self is rewarded and people are given a reason to express themselves in the way God desires."

"Only a highly sensitive person could have had all the contacts with cosmic beings, spirit guides, masters, archangels, angels, deities and elementals chronicled in this book" -Graham Jennings Two Worlds

"Christine may well be the first to have a message from An Archangel on the cover of a book" -Kirkus, New York

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Available now from Amazon, Waterstones UK and Balboa

Inside this book, you will find:

  • Predictions from Archangel Michael for the future for mankind
  • Inspirational true life stories of angelic contact 
  • Photos of real-life angels and elementals
  • Poetic soul and spirit guidance 
  • How to contact your guardian angel 
  • How to rid yourself of bad spirits 
  • Past life regression conversations involving lifetimes in 1724 and the time of Jesus 
  • Angels of Atlantis, unicorns, elementals and Conversations with God




Christine Snowdon

BalboaPress (128 pp.)

$28.95 hardcover, $11.99 paperback, $5.99 e-book

ISBN: 978-1-4525-2011-7; October 17, 2014


A wide-ranging book provides an account of many supernatural interactions.The latest collection of insights and anecdotes from Snowdon (Touched by Angels, 2010) springs from her conviction that there are 40 angel realms in humanity’s universe and more than 200 outside it, and that she is being guided by angel to pass on their communications and help enlighten people and encourage world peace. Angels of all types and descriptions crop up throughout this volume, where they function more as supernatural forces than religious beings. Indeed, although Snowdon asserts (in a claim atheists should find familiar) that without the goodness of God, earthlings “would all be mindless creatures” who selfishly grab “whatever we can from our friends, our neighbours, and our loved ones,” the universe described here is an openly polytheistic one. Pagan deities like Apollo, Isis, and the goddess Brigid (“known to have evolved from various deities in the past to a modern-day goddess of peace and unity”) jostle for space alongside spirit guides, fairies, and unicorns (including Snowdon’s “guardian unicorn” named Greta). According to the author, this menagerie interacts with chakras, auras, and alternate dimensions, and regularly communicates with Snowdon. She sees their intercession and guidance in everything, from genetically modified foods (“GMO food has been inspired from the spirit realm because of animal-contaminated food,” she’s mystically informed. “It is the way forward for planet earth”) to random cloud formations (the book includes several photos). The writing style throughout is both accessible and enthusiastic, shifting from personal stories and anecdotes to broader mystical claims and back with ease. Snowdon ends each short chapter of this fairly standard New-Age stew with an “affirmation” (for example, “Each morning for a short while, I imagine being lifted up into a realm of angels who help keep a feeling of harmony with me through my day”). Readers will necessarily have to be of the angels-picked-my-airplane-seat-number mindset themselves to appreciate any part of the work. Snowdon’s book may very well be the only one ever published with a cover blurb by the Archangel Gabriel.

A life-affirming glimpse into a personal world thickly populated with fantastical forces.


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*Note the Ancient Tol were experts in understanding the relationship that exists between subtle energy, astronomical phenomena and human consciousness. They knew how to access and work with alerted states of reality to create harmony and balance. There area many pieces of advice in my book Heaven Knows Why that may help you learn more about Angels, Spirituality and Universal Energy explained on a simple to understand basis. ~ Christine Snowdon