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Christine Snowdon Reiki and Spiritual Readings



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ORBS _ Psychic Phenomenon or Natural Events?

Posted on February 6, 2018 at 8:45 AM Comments comments (32)

I believe Orbs are angelic presence, except when the colour is black which is negativity presence. Others Coloured orbs that appear: White = Divine presence, Violet = Spiritual knowledge, Blue = Protection, Green = healing, Yellow = Beauty, Orange = Sacral qualities, Red = Base qualities. They are a way of communication with higher powers be they spirit or angelics....8)


Posted on January 26, 2018 at 11:30 AM

Christine Snowdon – Psychic Phenomena



Christine Snowdon – Psychic Phenomena

Christine Snowdon, Spiritual by Christine Snowdon | NO COMMENTS




Hi to my new readers of The Psychic Week, Spiritual Section. Much as I don’t like putting labels on people it is necessary for others so they may connect with and understand what we are talking about spiritually, what our intentions are and how we Lightworkers participate and interact with other people’s lives on a day to day working/healing/teaching basis. So here I will attempt to describe myself!


My learning about spirituality has been a steady and slow progression which started initially with my Sunday School in London where I learned about Joseph, Mary and Jesus and stories from the Bible. I was born into what I would describe as a very ordinary family, my mother was a tailoress by trade who gave up work to bring up me and my two brothers. My father was a carpenter/cabinet maker who built our dining room table and chairs and bedroom cabinets for our home. Neither of my parents were over religious but they believed in God and taught us right from wrong in the best way they knew how – by example.


As a child I sensed spirits around me but chose to ignore them hoping they would just go away, which was fine until I reached the age of eight and my father fell victim to the Asian flu epidemic of 1957. I began seeing him in my mind’s eye, I would just screw up my eyes, pray, and the visions would stop. After a member of my family brought a ouija board into the house and the glass kept coming off the board towards me I became very upset and begged my family not to play with it again. Later, a life saving operation brought about a meeting with a spiritualist medium, she told me all about the spirit world and I became fascinated.


Then on my first holiday abroad my Nan Rose appeared in a dream and told me she would always take care of me and that I must not be afraid, this really scared me but I began to believe more in the existence of life in another dimension.


I married in my twenties brought up my two daughters I divorced and returned to work. After my father came through to me via a local spiritualist church medium I decided it was no longer enough to hear from spirits I had to speak with them myself. I said mentally “If you are there Dad then please talk to me”. In my mind I heard: “Yes, I am here. “You can talk to me.” This began the first of innumerable conversations. At first they were with family and friends and after a while began to include guides, ascended masters and angels. Many of the lengthy replies I received from them are in my published book “Touched by Angels”. I was told by my Chinese guide (or spirit helper) after he spoke with me many times that I was a medium, but I didn’t believe him even when he appeared to me in my third eye. However, I began to develop as a medium and psychic artist I then became a reiki master and teacher and an angel guidance counsellor. Some of my coloured drawings of the masters and angels I have spoken with are also reproduced in the book.


Also reproduced in the book is a photo of angels that appeared in the sky to me over my house in Carshalton Beeches. I had been driving home with my daughter one very sunny day from Merton Abbey in South London when she saw angel shaped clouds in the sky. We were a few minutes from home so on arrival I dashed indoors grabbed my camera as I instinctively knew this was something very special. I was lucky to have only one frame left and so captured one large central angel as it quickly began to sink behind the houses. This picture has been reproduced in the national press and magazines. Phenomenal cloud formations continue to appear to me to this day which are regularly published on my website.


To bring you up to date I would now describe myself as a lightworker/healer/spirit communicator and a modern day mystic. I join with other lightworkers in sending Divine White Light and Energy out to war torn areas in the world, as well as any suffering, sick or abused children or adults. I am currently working for the higher good in the world via angelic energies/ascended masters/beings who have proved themselves effective to me and to this end I am always seeking proof before presenting evidence to others. I am in the process of writing my second book due to be published in the New Year and look forward to writing more articles for The Psychic Week which I hope you will find interesting and inspirational.


Finally I would add that I believe there are a trillion ways to God and it doesn’t matter how or where you start as long as you have faith, trust and a firm commitment to all that is good for this planet and stay true your inner spark and divine presence of God then your spiritual life path will develop naturally.


Christine Snowdon

Psychic Phenomena

Author of Touched by Angels


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